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Technology for the best e-commerce shopping experience

Offer personalized experiences adapted to each context : original channel, device, product category, context.
No personal data is collected, stored or used by our platform.
Dataïads technology is easy to implement and manage, with no intervention from your IT team.
Dataiads Deployment
How does dataïads work?

Boost the performance of your media campaigns with a personalized shopping experience

With our platform, create and deploy personalized shopping experiences on your e-commerce site to increase the ROI of your advertising campaigns.
Media buying
Dataiads Solution

Media platforms

Advertisers and agencies lose control over campaign settings as platforms drive them automatically via AI.

The Post Click opportunity
Dataiads Solution

The Dataïads platform

Dataïads enables you to deploy personalized experiences, synchronized in real time, to welcome visitors from your media campaigns. AI-driven page performance and richness improve conversion rates.

Dataiads Solution

Your e-commerce site

Product teams currently focus on the site, rarely taking into account the context of the visit. This requires resources and depends on the IT teams' roadmap.


Need to improve the profitability of your media campaigns?

Join the 100+ e-commerce brands that boost the performance of their product pages with Dataïads.
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Does your product page meet the visitor's needs?

Why isn't your product page suitable for visitors from media campaigns?

A product page is originally designed to encourage purchase after a search or sort on the brand's website. It is not intended to welcome a visitor from a media platform.

All the more so for a visitor coming from a channel conducive to product comparison, such as Google Performance Max, Meta, Google Display, Bing or social networks.
Dataiads Product sheet
👉 The "back" link is either non-functional, opens a new tab, or triggers a return on the acquisiton lever.
👉 Product page loading time is often very long
👉 No greeting or welcome message
👉 No immediate recall of site or brand value proposition
👉 Little or no general entry key to categories, similar products or personalized recommendations
👉 No editorialized entries to current promotions, new products, current product priorities: stocks, partnerships, promotions.
Results with Dataïads

ROAS of over 15% on average for our customers

Our technology boosts the performance of the product pages of leading e-commerce sites, helping them to increase the profitability of their media campaigns.
Hyper-personalization of
the customer experience
Welcome visitors from media campaigns with a personalized experience. Page templates, customizable blocks, product recommendations by AI: experiment and validate the best possible shopping experience.
Lower bounce rate
and CPC
Our landing pages are up to 2.5 x faster than the original product page. Light and fast, variation pages created at Dataïads deliver performance, navigation context and rich content.
Maximize conversion rate and average basket
Make it easier to add products to the shopping cart, present a better context for browsing by categories or preferred products, recommend similar products and cross-sell: boost the conversion rate of your pages and increase the average shopping cart.
the dataïads platform

All the features of Dataïads technology

Discover the technology

Ultra fast loading time

Developed in GO, our technology offers high performance on both the web and mobile.

AB Testing analytical measurement

Together with your analytics and tag management tools, the platform collects performance data in a personalized dashboard. With the results, you can improve your landing pages in real time.

Integration of your Analytics and tag management system

Dataïads is connected to all the analytics tools on the market. We use the integration of the brand's website with tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, AT Internet, Piano, Matomo and Tag Management tools.

Cookie and Consent Platform

Dataïads does not collect personal data. We integrate your Cookie Consent Platform to collect and store visitor consent in your system.

Ultra fast loading time

Developed in GO, our technology offers high performance on both the web and mobile.

Incremental measurement via AB TESTING

To continuously measure performance and provide the best possible experience.

Native analytics integration

Integration with Google Analytics / Adobe Analytics / AT Internet / Matomo as well as with all the Tag Management systems on the market

Consent Management Platform ready

We integrate your CMP to collect and store visitor consent

An advanced, configurable product recommendation algorithm

Brand exclusion, high-margin products, zombie product identification, categorization, cross-sell: adapt our advanced product similarity algorithm to your brand's needs.

Real-time data synchronization

Connected to all media platforms, Dataïads integrates product feeds from the brand's website in real time to keep abreast of all updates: stock levels, price adjustments, promotions.

An international presence

Dataïads manages several hundred product flows, capable of integrating millions of product references and covering the brand's presence in many countries.

Connected technology

Our platform is connected to all shopping platforms such as Google Shopping, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Bing, Pinterest, TikTok.

Customisable algorithm

You can adapt our similar product algorithm to your needs (exclusion of brands, focus on high margin products, identification of zombie products...).

GMC Synchronisation

We update the GMC product flow in real time from the latest information from the website (e.g. stock, price adjustments).

International deployment

We can manage several hundred GMC feeds to meet your multi-brand & multi-country needs.

Future proof technology

Continuous adaptation to the Google roadmap (e.g. performance max). We will soon launch connections with Facebook ads, Tik Tok, Criteo, Teads...
our customers


E-retailers in several industries use Dataïads to boost the profitability of their media campaigns.

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Need to improve the profitability of your media campaigns?

Join the 100+ e-commerce brands that boost the performance of their product pages with Dataïads.
30 min video conferencing
Your email will never be shared with a third party
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