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Strong collective experience in data, CRO and
digital marketing

The talents

An experienced team

Thibault de Broissia

Co-founder & COO

Benjamin Lancelot

Front-end & UI Developer

Benjamin Cozon

Co-founder & CPO

Constance Barbeau

Media Scientist Senior - CRO Expert

Damien Lagueyrie

Chief Media Scientist Officer

Emile Caron


Franck Panou

Front-End Developer & Integrator

Hugo Moracchini

Full-stack Developer

Jeanne Noblet

Media Scientist Lead

Mervé Kilicarslan

Media Scientist Senior - Analytics expert

Nina Lemaitre

Media Scientist Senior - Expert Analytics/CRO

Raphaël Grandemange

Co-founder & CEO

Robin Christol

Front-end Developer

Thomas Mounier

Client Partner

Valentine Brault

Client Manager

Zeyda Marre

Junior Media Scientist

Audrey Filizian

Media Scientist Lead

Rémi Ringard

Media Scientist - Implementation Lead

Abdoumajid Abdoukhader

Head of BDR

Yann Tran

Growth Manager

Damien Bourgeois

Partnership Director

Matthieu Fredet

Business Development Representative

Steve Demeulemeester

Senior Front-End Developer

Matthieu Dubo

Junior Front-End Developer

Yohan Virassamy

Customer Support

Benjamin Coiffé

Client Partner

Delphine Calderoni

Client Manager Junior

Alexandre Ngbenzi

Media Scientist Executive

Maël Thélohan

Media Scientist Executive

Laila Amrani

Media Scientist Executive

Léo Vérillon

Junior Content Manager

Audrey Bardon

People Partner

Youssef Mejjiati Alami

Media Scientist Lead

Philippe Pommaret

Business Development Representative

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The first SaaS technology dedicated to the Post Click Experience
5M seed investment
Dataiads offers total innovation, creating a new market and providing a headless CMS for marketing teams (with no impact on IT teams).

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