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Need to improve the profitability of your media campaigns?

Join over 100 leading e-commerce brands supercharging their product pages with Dataïads' cutting-edge solutions.
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Groupe SEB & Dataiads

Discover the story behind the successful collaboration between Groupe SEB, world leader in small appliances, and the Dataiads technology platform .

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our Dataïads Platform

Build the most effective buying experience for your media campaigns

The most innovative platform for creating, optimizing and deploying shopping experiences that convert visitors into customers, regardless of the original channel or device.
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Dataïads Feed

Enrich first-party data for better impression rates and conversions.
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Dataïads Xperience

Create stunning, personalized landing experiences tailored to user expectations
Discover Dataïads Xperience
A flat icon depicting a web page layout, consisting of a header with a logo and navigation menu, a hero section with a large image or video, and a series of content blocks with text and images arranged in a grid. The icon represents a landing page, which is a standalone web page designed to promote a specific product or service and encourage visitors to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

Dataïads Dispatch

Connect to advertising platforms and redirect users to the best performing pages.
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Dataiads Solution
Focus on Shopping Platforms

Shopping ads account for the lion's share of e-merchants' spending and stakes

Product Listing Ads to grow by 56% in 2021* on Google Performance Max and Google Shopping
E-retailers are allocating more of their search media budget to Google Shopping ads
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Source: Sidecar 2020 Benchmarks report (Q1 2020) and SRI France
Dataïads technology

A platform designed for the performance of your media campaigns

Discover features

Ultra fast loading time

All technological choices are made to obtain the best possible performance. Developed in GO, our technology offers high performance on computer, tablet and mobile.

Measuring AB Testing results

Our technology enables live performance measurement to experiment and determine the best possible experience.

Integration of your Analytics and Tag Management

Dataïads is connected to all the analytics tools on the market. We use your integration for tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, AT Internet, Piano, Matomo and Tag Management tools.

Cookie and Consent Platform

Dataïads does not collect personal data. We integrate your Cookie Consent Platform to collect and store visitor consent in your system.

Ultra fast loading time

Developed in GO, our technology offers high performance on both the web and mobile.

Incremental measurement via AB TESTING

To continuously measure performance and provide the best possible experience.

Native analytics integration

Integration with Google Analytics / Adobe Analytics / AT Internet / Matomo as well as with all the Tag Management systems on the market

Consent Management Platform ready

We integrate your CMP to collect and store visitor consent

Customizable algorithm

Exclude brands, focus on high-margin products, identify zombie products, highlight high-margin products: you can configure the product similarity algorithm to suit your needs.

Real-time data synchronization

We update product feeds in real time from several sources, such as Google Merchant Center, or take the most recent data from your website: product data, categories, stock, price adjustments.

International deployment

Our platform manages hundreds of product feeds integrating millions of product references to meet your multi-brand & multi-country needs.

Connected technology

Our platform is connected to all shopping platforms such as Google Shopping, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Bing, Pinterest, TikTok.

Customisable algorithm

You can adapt our similar product algorithm to your needs (exclusion of brands, focus on high margin products, identification of zombie products...).

GMC Synchronisation

We update the GMC product feed in real time from the latest information from the website (e.g. stock, price adjustments).

International deployment

We can manage several hundred GMC feeds to meet your multi-brand & multi-country needs.

Future proof technology

Continuous adaptation to the Google roadmap (e.g. performance max). We will soon launch connections with Facebook ads, Tik Tok, Criteo, Teads...
Deployment of Dataïads technology

Simple, fluid SaaS technology that's quick and easy to deploy

Plug and play

Our SaaS technology is deployed autonomously. It is aimed at marketing teams and requires no technical intervention.
No IT dependency

Autonomous, Dataïads works from whatever your technological environment: CMS, analytics, Consent Management.
AI powered

Dataïads technology harnesses Artificial Intelligence to deliver a personalized shopping experience to visitors who click on an ad.
Infinite customization

Product similarity algorithms adapt to your industry, context and different product categories.

Media agencies, consultancies and partners

Does your brand work with a media agency to boost the profitability of your media investments? We're probably already working with them.

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Need to improve the profitability of your media campaigns?

Join over 100 leading e-commerce brands supercharging their product pages with Dataïads' cutting-edge solutions.
30 min video conferencing
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