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Case study

Darty increases Google Shopping ROAS by 28% with Dataiads

+28 %
-25 %
Bounce rate
+39 %
Conversion rates

Find out how Darty, France's leading household appliance and electronics retailer, has enhanced its digital experience with Dataiads technology and a Post Click Experience (PCE) strategy on Google Shopping.

By working closely with Darty's data science team and using personalized data, we were able to customize the Smart Landing Pages and optimize the algorithms to meet Darty's specific needs. This approach resulted in a39% increase in conversion rate, far exceeding the initial target of 6%, anda 28% improvement in ROAS. Bounce rate was also reduced by 25%. With only 8% of the catalog connected to the Dataiads platform and PCE applied to 60% of Google Shopping traffic, these promising results have prompted Darty to deploy our solution across all categories and potentially across other acquisition channels.

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Dataïads is an easy-to-deploy solution. The platform provides an innovative, high-performance complementary solution for a market leader like Darty. Particularly in an environment where media optimization is becoming increasingly rare. The Dataiads technology, combined with the expertise of our Media Scientists, has enabled us to take a step forward in terms of increasing conversion rates.

Jean Manuel Campan - Global Head of Traffic and Performance Media - Fnac Darty

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