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Our partners such as media agencies, CRO agencies or consulting firms allow their e-commerce clients to benefit from the Dataïads platform in the deployment of their media acquisition campaigns.

Why become a Dataïads partner?

Increase customer engagement with better media performance

With an average ROAS of +15%, optimize your e-commerce customers' acquisition budget to put an end to ad performance problems on media platforms and improve their results.
Generate new revenue opportunities

Our pioneering technology creates a new lever for media optimization: Post Click Experience. Generate new revenue streams by diversifying or expanding the scope of advice with your clients 
Upset your teams

Our technology is designed to respond to changing behaviors and the specific needs of your customers. By joining our partner ecosystem, you can upskill your teams and apply digital marketing best practices.
Accelerate the deployment of your customer projects
Dataïads technology integrates a library of customizable templates and blocks powered by AI, facilitating future website re-templating for your e-commerce customers and bringing you agility in all your projects.
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iProspect (Dentsu)
Performics (Publicis Media)
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E-retailers in several industries use Dataïads to boost profitability of PLA and PPC campaigns.
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A successful new discipline in digital marketing

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