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Advantage+ Shopping campaigns on Facebook: how they work, their advantages and limitations

Taking advantage of advances in AI, Meta expands by developing the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign on Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, this ASC campaign comes hot on the heels of the iOS14 update. 

In addition, the tightening of privacy policies reduces access to customer data, a highly restrictive measure for marketers.

In 2022, Social Ads regains momentum with the introduction of the ASC Meta campaign

Exceptional performance, sometimes with a cost per acquisition cut in half, ASC is a godsend. 

This Meta ad produces a high-performance, automated and cookieless campaign with intelligent use of data.

This guide gives you a complete overview of an Advantage + Shopping campaign, how it works, its advantages and limitations.

Description of Advantage+ Shopping campaigns on Facebook Meta

As a complement to the Meta Advantage Suite, ASC brings advanced features to simplify the task of advertisers

Driven by AI, the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign on Facebook enables automated, intelligent ad management

ASC is therefore recommended for those who want to get better results from their Instagram and Facebook Shopping campaigns.

Fully automated, the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign ads Facebook almost runs itself. 

Machine learning learns from users' shopping experiences and optimizes your placements on the most convertible audiences. 

Artificial intelligence drives the entire process of creating a Meta Advantage Shopping campaign.

While the classic Advantage Shopping Meta focuses on a single, specific aspect of a campaign, ASC looks at the details. 

In concrete terms, AI defines the choice of audience, bids, destination, placement and advertising content. This means less time spent on configuration and better audience targeting. 

What's more, Meta deploys up to 150 creative combinations to simplify the design and personalization of your ads.

ASC is also perfectly aligned with the needs of online shoppers.

Nearly 60% of the latter aspire to a shopping experience optimized according to their interests and preferences. 

Meta allocates your Advantage+ campaign budget to a specific audience

This kills two birds with one stone: advertising management is simplified, and the budget is optimized for better results.

How do I launch Shopping campaigns on Meta?

With simplified configuration, an advantage+ shopping campaign on Facebook can be created in just a few steps

Meta Advantage shopping includes all ad placements on social networks, in particular for Instagram Shopping and Advantage Shopping Facebook

Advertisers are free to choose whether to run a manual campaign or to take advantage of the benefits of ASC.

The first step is to open the ad manager in Meta Ads Manager

Click on the "Create" button and define the objective of the sales campaign. A placement can help you to :

  • Increase your traffic
  • Informing the public
  • Increase your community's engagement
  • Generate leads
  • Promoting an application
  • More sales

Once you've specified the objective of your Facebook ads campaign, select the Advantage Shopping+ campaign option. 

Next, you'll need to specify the category, the conversion location and choose the Facebook Pixel. Among the suggested options, choose the "Purchase" event.

Beyond these configurations, all the selections you make will constitute the basic parameters for the automated management of your campaign

In addition, Meta collects information that will allow :

  • Determining the target audience
  • Set budget and schedule
  • Simplifying advertising creation

1- Locate the audience

To define your audience, you can choose one or more countries and select the excluded elements. 

Meta also lets you add specific targets, such as visitors to your site or those who have made a purchase.

In doing so, the algorithm will use the Facebook Pixel and recent customer files as reference data. 

That's why it's best to launch an Advantage+ campaign on an account that has been active for several months. More on this later!

2- Define the budget and timetable

When configuring a campaign, you can set a daily budget and define its start and end dates. 

Experience has shown that it is more advantageous to scale a budget 4 times the CPA

For example, for a CPA of €15, a budget of around €60/day would be more appropriate.

You can also define a budget ceiling for an acquisition, retargeting or loyalty campaign. 

Generally speaking, theallocation parameteris set on a daily or weekly basis. However, you are free to determine the duration of your ads.

3-Add your Meta ads

Before completing this step, review your access management settings. By the way, you'll need to specify the payee and payer.

If you're not the advertising manager, we recommend that you immediately inform us of their identity. 

It's possible toadd one or more ads. In fact, the most successful ASC campaigns are often based on the ads with the highest ROI.

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The benefits of Shopping Advantage+ campaigns

Meta is fully committed to innovation, and the Shopping Advantage+ campaign is clearly one of them. 

By constantly learning about buying habits and customer experiences, its algorithm has a strong capacity for anticipation.

This is reflected in the automated process of an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

The agility provided by AI accelerates the achievement of sales targets. Yet Meta demonstrates that these results are matched by a drop in cost per acquisition of at least 12%. 

Statistics also show that this campaign generates a satisfactory return in sales, with a ROAS of at least 15%.

Investing in Advantage+ Shopping campaigns also gives you the opportunity to get your business off the ground with the minimum of effort. 

The time you save will enable you to concentrate on other aspects of your e-commerce business. 

It's also a great opportunity to personalize your ads, especially since the Advantage+ gives you 150 creative combinations!

The limits of ASC campaigns on Meta

Given these advantages, it makes perfect sense to rethink your sales strategy by leveraging CSA to capture audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Nevertheless, knowing its merits, it's also important to measure the limits of an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign on Facebook.

Leaving ad management to the algorithm alone reduces visibility on campaign optimization. Advertisers will have no control over Ads placement. 

The algorithm will decide where to display your ad. What's more, you can only add 8 ASC campaigns per account.

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The performance of Shopping Advantage+ campaigns

In addition to providing substantial time savings, this campaign model reduces CPA by up to 12%, according to an internal Facebook study announced at the launch of this advertising format.

Case studies have shown that some business sectors benefit from a significant reduction, even below the usual 30% CPA. 

That said, the conditions must be "right" for AI to achieve this performance.

As mentioned above, an Advantage+ Shopping campaign on Facebook is a sales growth gas pedal.

 We already need a certain volume of data on which the AI can develop its learning. 

That's why it's advisable to start with a classic campaign before resorting to the Advantage shopping plus option. 

AI needs to aggregate a good deal of data on past sales to optimize your future ads.

How can Advantage Shopping+ (ASC) campaigns be integrated into your advertising strategy?

First, take stock of your current situation by evaluating the return on investment of your latest campaigns. 

Launching an Advantage Shopping+ campaign can be effective for some brands.

On the other hand, the relevance of this choice may be unjustified in some cases. Hence the need for an assessment and expert advice on meta product advertising.

In any case, depending on the specific characteristics of your audience, you need toidentify the ideal platform for promoting your products. 

Note that you can also test an Advantage Shopping Facebook Meta Campaign as well as the automated version of an Instagram Campaign. 

However, if it makes sense, it's possible to run an Advantage Shopping Instagram and Facebook campaign at the same time.

Once your analysis is complete, define your budget and your priorities, whether you want to increase traffic or sales. 

That's how you'll be able to align your advertising strategy with your Advantage+ Shopping Campaign on Facebook.

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Examples of successful CSL campaigns on Facebook

So, is an Advantage+ Shopping campaign on Facebook worth testing? These figures speak for themselves.

In addition, for the same e-commerce customer account, a 50% increase in ROAS can be observed after the launch of a CSA. 

We can also verify a drop of 12% or more for all customers who benefited from this campaign.

Between the conventional and AI-assisted options, one car brand saw its CPA drop by 40%. 


If you're excited by these figures, all that remains is to define the most appropriate ad format for your Facebook Ads. 

These range from image carousels to video tutorials presenting the benefits and application of a product.

But make no mistake, AI doesn't do everything! This is your opportunity to deploy your emotional intelligence to build captivating storytelling for your advertising messages. 

Finally, we recommend scaling your budget to over €100/day for best results.

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