Unlock the potential of your first-party data  

Feed helps enrich first-party data for better impression rates and conversions.

Your first party data becomes powerful

Optimize the performance of
Product Listing Ads (PLA) campaigns with your first party data
Dedicated infrastructure
Real-time synchronization
One size fits all

Feed enriches
your product data
by making it highly available.

Feed Sync

  • Synchronize the prices, promotions and availability displayed on your site with your advertising feed in real time.
  • 👉 Maximize your display ads and conversions with an always relevant experience.

Feed Enrich

  • Enrich your product flow (e.g. GMC) with 1P data (customer reviews) or your IS systems (inventory) but also from third-party data flows (price comparison, weather, etc.).
  • 👉 Maximize your media campaigns with enriched data

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E-retailers of all sizes are using Feed to turbocharge their 1P and 3P data

Robust integrations with your technology stack

Dataïads provides a powerful API so that you can easily and quickly benefit from real-time product data enrichment on your CSS, your site, your data feeds of choice.
Your product flows
The logo of Google Merchant Center, consisting of the word "Google" in the company's signature multicolor font, followed by the words "Merchant Center" in black color and a blue rectangle on the bottom right corner of the letter "t". The logo represents the platform of Google Merchant Center, which allows businesses to upload their product data and create product listings that appear in Google search results, Google Shopping, and other Google services.The logo of Meta Business Suite, consisting of the word "Meta" in black color, followed by the words "Business Suite" in blue color, all written in uppercase letters with a blue line underlining the word "BusinessThe logo of TikTok, consisting of a black music note overlapping a red and white speech bubble on a transparent background. The logo represents the popular social media platform of TikTok, which allows users to create, share, and discover short-form videos set to music, as well as participate in challenges and trends.The logo of Bing, consisting of the word "Bing" in lowercase letters written in blue color with a white background. The letters have a tilted design with the letter "b" having a circular shape and the letters "i" and "g" being connected. The logo represents the search engine platform of Bing, which is owned and operated by Microsoft, and provides search results for various types of content, such as web pages, images, videos, and news articles.
Your other first party data
The logo of Lengow, consisting of the word "L" written in blue color with a stylized sqaure blue outline. The logo represents Lengow, a cloud-based e-commerce automation platform that provides tools to help online retailers optimize their product listings, manage their orders and shipping, and sell their products on various marketplaces and channels. The stylized arrow in the logo suggests the company's focus on agility and efficiency.The logo of Channable, consisting of the word "Channable" written in bold uppercase letters in black color, with a white and blue square icon at the beginning of the word. The square icon represents a simplified version of a bar chart or graph, with blue, green, and yellow bars arranged in a descending order. The logo is displayed on a white background with rounded corners. The logo represents the company Channable, which provides a data feed management platform for e-commerce businesses to manage and optimize their product data and advertising campaigns across various online channels.Magento logo: a stylized letter "M" with the word "magento" written in lowercase letters next to it.The Salesforce logo is a blue cloud with a white serif "S" inside it, against a white background.
Third party data feeds
A blue square with the words "The Weather Channel" written in whiteMidjourney logo a simple sailboat icon, with a white sail and blue water. The sailboat is viewed from a side angle and is depicted in a minimalist style, with black outlines and minimal shading.Logo of ChatGPT : the main element of the badge is a geometric figure, resembling a hexagon with rounded angles, composed of several segments, that look like chain links. The figure resembles a swirl or a vortex, which we can usually see as a symbol of the app or a page downloading. Also, the ChatGPT icon looks pretty similar to the ancient Armenian symbol of infinity, but high symbolizes eternal life and development.The eKomi logo features the company name in lowercase letters followed by the tagline "The Feedback Company" in smaller uppercase letters.
One platform, Three Features

Features of Dataïads technology

Xperience Helps you create personalized customer experiences that are as close to them as possible
Dispatch Allows you to customize arrival experiences in real time based on their performance
Customer cases

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E-retailers in several industries use Dataïads to boost the profitability of media campaigns.
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See Dataïads Feed in action

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30 min video conferencing
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